New Images

AKV: I haunted the Goodwill Surplus Store in Kalihi on my lunch breaks  for about two years until I moved here to Oakland. It was the place where all the STUFF you and I used to own (and eventually became bored with) goes to die. Random items for sale are poured into large bins and left for people to rummage through at their own risk. I really dug that place and scored a lot of raw material that i am now using to make these images…

Duckrabbit Digital's 2010 Portfolio Project

From the press release:

"Duckrabbit Digital has announced the winners of its inaugural Portfolio Project contest, naming ten photographers from across the country the best of a large submission pool. The winners were notified last week, and Duckrabbit Digital will be releasing their winning works, one a week, in limited print runs, for sale on the Duckrabbit website. Each photograph will be accompanied by an interview with the artist, providing insight into the stories and personalities behind the images. . .

We were lucky enough to have our work chosen in Duckrabbit Digital's portfolio contest. You can read our interview here.
Birdhouse, by Arlo Valera and Hyeyoung Kim

Summer Portrait Project

Hyeyoung and I had the pleasure with to work with the special education students in classroom E104 at Kaiser High School over the summer. In this project we had the students draw portraits of each other on paper. I enlarged their drawings onto large panels for them to paint. I enjoyed watching how the students interpreted their fellow classmate through drawing. Very cool.

Fighting Fish Folio

Here is a portfolio containing our photo-illustrations we have been working on recently.

Hyeyoung and I wanted a portfolio to show our work where we could simply pick and choose specific pieces and be able to change the sequence and/or number of prints without too much hassle. Instead of having our work in presented in book form, we decided on loose prints mounted on rigid paper. Hyeyoung worked on the prints and I worked on the clamshell type box to house them. 

portfolio box

cover detail


page detail