by Arlo Keo Valera & Hyeyoung Kim


 We make images that tell stories.  Our characters are pulled and stitched together from scraps of old fabric, newspaper, wire, and old forgotten toys. They live in worlds made of cardboard boxes, duct tape and  light.

Arlo and Hyeyoung build temporary environments made of common used materials for the sole purpose of being photographed. Sometimes they work separately to contribute to the series, other times they collaborate on a single image.




by Hyeyoung Kim

about nurtured by nature.gif

*Broken Ridge BuddhistTemple, Palolo Valley, HI.

Nurtured by nature is a mixed media project Hyeyoung created to record how time and nature bring change. She had this to say about her work:

One day, while visiting  a small Buddhist temple, I found a collection of  a thousand  miniature Bodhisattva statues were sitting outside, row after row.  I imagined these stone idols of the Bodhisattva as they began life many years ago, each in more or less the same color, size, shape, and expression as it’s neighbor.  I wondered, "Were they all created from a single ideal to convey that perfect expression of peace, serenity and enlightenment and nothing else.

 When I see them as they are today, I realize that something has happened.  They have acquired beautiful imperfections on their faces and bodies from nature and time.  I also see other emotions sitting on top of their expressions of peace, serenity, and enlightenment.  I now see these stone idols as individuals expressing other emotions like sadness, pleasure, jealousy, joy, suffering, playfulness, regrets, anger, disappointment etc.  They even remind me of people I know in my own life.




By Hyeyoung Kim 


Wandering is a collection of black and white photographs shot at various locations.  It is an attempt to maintain an open view of the world while noticing subtle surroundings and quiet moments.




by Arlo Keo Valera 

about figments.gif

 The name Figments comes from the expression  "A figment of one’s imagination". They are a collection of black and white works created by finding meaningful imagery in random ink blots on paper.

Whether it is looking at clouds, old stains on a wall, or that stuff at the bottom of your coffee mug, people have always been drawn to interpreting seemingly random and abstract shapes into ideas that have meaning. Making new imagery from ink blots is an activity I have enjoyed doing for a long time to invent stories about the world around me.

I make random ink blots on paper and continue to draw on them to create a visual narrative. I enlarge them into paintings using latex or encaustic wax medium on wood panels. On occasion I make them into murals.






Hyeyoung used and unfinished outdoor swimming pool to create this series.




by Arlo Keo Valera

The photographs in this series were made with a varitey of home made pinhole cameras of all shapes and sizes. I like to imagine that each of my pinhole cameras have a tiny eye that uses light to slowly burn an image onto the film.